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Can a soul devoted to evil find rest?

The Adversary is inspired by Michael Leehan’s book, Ascent From
. The Adversary relates Michael’s gripping, real-life
encounters, enslavement to the powers of darkness, and miraculous
emancipation from the clutches of the Enemy.

If anyone has ever struggled with spiritual warfare, addiction,
depression, or hopefulness, this film is a bold reminder of the
redemptive truth of the gospel that anyone – even a Soldier of Satan –
can be transformed and used for the glory of God!

The Adversary: About Us
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The Adversary: Image
Image by Felix Mooneeram


The funds being donated will be used for development and production of making the movie. You can donate to directly support this project by clicking the donate button below.

Thank you for your support!

The Adversary: About


The Adversary is about a man groomed from childhood to serve evil. Like in childhood, he lives one day at a time. When circumstances in his family and work life are falling apart, voices in his head convinces him to push God aside and serve the Prince of Darkness. After 20 years of surviving in a dark world, he finds himself sitting in a church lobby for a year planning a murder. Throughout that year, God’s words penetrates his heart and soul as he cries out for a God who never left him. Michael’s redeemed.

"The stories he tells along the way will change you because they will change the way you see the world. Some of it is almost too extraordinary to believe."

—Drew Taylor, Writer. Reader. Reviewer.

"A fantastic story of the dark powers of Satan and the redeeming power of God. A true account of God's grace and mercy on one man's life and how that touched so many others lives."

—Lorie Langdon, best-selling author of the Disney Villains Happily Never After Series

"This is a book you cannot put down. God is amazing and this story is remarkable!"

Casey Johnson

The Adversary: Testimonials





Bill has been involved in the motion picture and performing arts industries as a First Assistant Cameraman to the producer for over forty years, with credits in many box office successes such as Steel Magnolias (1989), Cape Fear (1991), Ace Ventura, Pet Detective (1994), Friday Night Lights (2004), and Fast and Furious... Bill will oversee all aspects of the creative side of the film from development, pre-production, production, and postproduction. He will be responsible for hiring all the support staff, line producers, entertainment accountants, location personal, etc.

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Doug Swim - Producer - As a driver of business strategies, which achieve sustainable revenues and minimize exposure to risk. Doug is recognized by many as a visionary leader who “makes a difference.” Focused on balancing attention to detail with elite analytical skills, Doug is able to negotiate and resolve matters associated with challenging business and legal-related issues to satisfy stakeholders and exceed expectations. As a producer, he is responsible for the legal and financial aspects of the film.

The Adversary: Our Team
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