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Social Media Coordinator

Ascension Media Partners

Yaren Ay is a detail-oriented individual with a creative eye for stories and progressive experience developing social media and video content. She is an aspiring filmmaker and writer with a Bachelor's degree in Film & TV Production from Lynn University. Having gained experience with a wide range of marketing functions, including communications, advertising, branding, and digital marketing, she is continuously helping out organizations by striving for full excellence and achieving their ultimate goal(s). With the hope of shining light in a dark world, she believes that positivity will always outgrow the negative challenges individuals face throughout their lives.


Special Projects

Ascension Media Partners

Gabrielle is a Christian with a positive attitude who enjoys movies and nature. She has joined Ascension Media Partners to help spread God's word and play a role in supporting Christian filmmakers. Gabrielle lends a hand in many different areas, including development, legal assistance, administrative support and special projects!

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