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  • William McConnell

The Call That Changed Everything

I was in my hotel room in New Orleans for a movie job. It had been a long day on the set. I looked at the clock on the nightstand as it advanced to 11:30pm. As I was leaning over to turn out the light, the hotel phone rang. A late evening phone call could go either way, it could be good or bad. I decided to grab the handset of the phone and answered with a tentative, “Hello?” It was my 25-year-old daughter. She did not apologize for calling so late, but said, “Dad, I just read this book, Ascent From Darkness. You need to read it and make a movie about it.” I said, “Okay, why this book?” She began to share with me a story about how a little boy was groomed to be the third generation to serve darkness and how he tried to fight his way out of this generational curse. He had started a business that became financially successful, got married, and had three beautiful kids. As she was taking a deep breath, I was able to get a question in, “So what’s the problem?” She explained that his problem was the generational curse. Everyone has problems, peaks and valleys, but not many can navigate their issues without blaming others. Michael, the main character in the book, blamed God and felt a sense of betrayal. He reverted back to his childhood and believed the only person that could make him powerful and satisfied was Satan. I asked my daughter, “So you think that’s a movie? That’s depressing.” Her voice level raised, “DAD! Let me finish!” She continued to explain Michael’s life of darkness, including rituals, cuttings, womanizing, and causing havoc in small church groups. He did everything he could do to create widespread destruction in everyone’s world. He lost custody of his children, whom he adored. As the demons inside his head ramped up, at the same time a core group of friends stood by him, prayed for him, and encouraged him. He would not acknowledge their kindness. I interjected another remark into the receiver of the phone, “Well, it’s not comedy.” My daughter said, “Dad, it's a story of redemption. This man was going to murder a pastor!” This got my attention as I sat up in bed. She told me that Michael sat in the church lobby with a 9MM gun in his jeans for one year planning his dastardly deed. What Michael didn’t plan on was God’s words coming through the video monitors in the lobby. Throughout the year without Michael knowing it, God was piercing his heart with words of love and forgiveness and Michael was redeemed. After we hung up, I downloaded the book and made a commitment to honor my daughter’s wishes. Now, I was committed to make a movie about a man whose darkness was Satan and how God saved his soul. We all have darkness in our lives, drugs, gambling, pornography, alcohol, and the list goes on. Yet there is a God who will never turn us away. No matter what our personal darkness is, anyone can be redeemed! Learn more about the film project, The Adversary and donate to support shining light in the darkness:


Bill McConnell

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