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Darrin Gray has been immersed in the world of strategic sports philanthropy and media for 30 years. Darrin is a professional speaker with a unique window into the Fatherhood, Mentoring and the NFL by virtue of his longstanding relationship with All Pro Dad, the national fatherhood program founded by Tony Dungy. Darrin serves as CMO of Athletes in Action and interacts regularly with NFL players, coaches, and alumni and has conducted programming with over half of the NFL franchises, the Super Bowl, Pro Football Hall of Fame and many other notable events and sponsors.

Darrin speaks on a variety of inspirational topics that include fatherhood, mentoring, faith, leadership, philanthropy that are grounded in the timeless practices and principles of Serving Leadership. Darrin co-authored The Jersey Effect, Beyond the World Championship about Tony Dungy’s Super Bowl XLI team. He resides near Indianapolis, and has been married to his wife Leslie for 27 years and together they have 4 children from 19-24 years of age.


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