“Finding my people at Yagni-Chitto” is a film about one person’s journey of life. It's about family, a lost language and the lives of the Native American people of South Louisiana and their stories from a rapidly disappearing culture.Watch the insightful video interview with D'Ellis Foret, Owner of Foret Films and Ascension Media Partners Project Committee Chair, William McConnell, to learn more about the documentary.

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Owner, Foret Films

As we study our family history. God’s spirit guides us on our own personal journey to build strength and to know who we are on a personal level. Through this documentary project, I hope to inspire people globally to reframe their ideas about their own stories and to create renewed and richer relationships with their own families and their own tribal communities.

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The same sun will illuminate us,
We will have but one word, our hearts
Will make but one, we will eat together
Like brothers...

-- Chitimacha word bearer