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Look Out Divergent and Hunger Games...Here Comes Calculated.
And Now...Calculated Sequels.


Calculated’s powerful novel series on which the CALCULATED film franchise is based is a present-day action-adventure thriller. The series includes four novels in all. The first three, Calculated, Simulated, and Activated, are all available now wherever books are sold. The fourth installment, Liberated, is slated for release summer 2023. Watch the interview with the team below to learn more about the films!

Calculated Sequels: About Us
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Currently, OneDoor Studios is a motion picture development company that focuses on globally distributed world class productions. Our business model demands a lengthy and thorough development process, to ensure that our script is “fully-baked”, and our studio and bank relationships are established.

Because our development process takes time, we need additional capital to keep the lights on. Our capital received from investors can only go so far, and the majority of the funds need to be set aside for key talent attachments and screenwriting fees.

This is where you come in. Your contribution to Calculated Sequels would allow OneDoor Studios the funds we need for general overhead costs like payroll, website marketing, legal fees, and much more.

You may have noticed that Calculated, and its Sequels may not seem to have an overt “Christian” message. This was not done out of fear for reprisals or because we are ashamed of the gospel. In fact, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Instead, OneDoor Studios believes in telling stories much like Jesus did, through parables and allegories that can speak to a broad audience, as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien did as well. These stories impart values like truth, love, and hope to people who might not be receptive to a message that beats them over the head. But for “those who have ears to hear” they will find themselves longing for the Savior who wants to be reconciled to them.

Our globally studio-released films, which are well on their way to being made, need your help to bring them to the finish line. They will be seen by millions (perhaps eventually billions) of people around the globe with the goal of changing hearts and minds, making a global impact for the Kingdom.

Calculated Sequels: About
Calculated Sequels: Image


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John has provided development and financing planning and execution in every aspect for dozens of motion pictures, television network series and specials, with combined production costs of over $470 million and global rights earnings exceeding $4 billion.
• There are dozens of films John Lee has worked on. These are motion pictures you have heard of before, like The Terminator, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and The Nutty Professor.
• John Lee has provided business, global distribution and financing for motion pictures released through Universal, Paramount, Sony, Disney, Warner Bros., HBO and many others.
• John has successfully led the vision, launch and/or expansion of five entertainment and media entities, including Impression delivery Corporation that was subsequently acquired by CapCities, and Entertainment Business Group purchased by the Gillen Group.

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Chiefly through his 3Gates Films, Stephen became a polished producer, known as a Renaissance Man through the many projects which he produced and contributed to as a producer, writer, director, director of photography, editor - and even an FAA licensed drone pilot in motion picture, television and live event production. Stephen has established multi-cam streaming systems, and has served as a media broadcasting facility director.
• Stephen was the director of photography and editor on the 8.4/10 IMDB rated 2020 Film Hope for the Holidays released on Amazon Prime Video. He was also director of photography and editor for the 13th season of a PBS docu-series entitled Healing Quest. Stephen’s stock footage has been sold primarily for commercials thousands of times to companies worldwide. His footage has been purchased by National Geographic, Valvoline, Mahindra Tractors, Cenovas Energy, Spike TV, and hundreds of other companies.

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In 2015, Jason began to lay the foundation of the mini-studio which would eventually become OneDoor Studios. He astutely applied his lifetime of studying and acquiring great world literature, researching and becoming deeply oriented in the business of global motion picture and series development, production, financing and distribution, as well as engaging relationships with bright key-entertainment industry players.
• In July 2018, Jason founded OneDoor Studios with his friend and partner John Lee; they were joined a year later by their friend and third partner Stephen Wollwerth. Since then Jason has been developing IP for the company, setting up and closing development financing, and setting up OneDoor Studio Entertainment Properties, which may become the first entertainment industry Series Regulation A+ development funding platform. As OneDoor’s President, Jason continues to oversee all of its entities, developing their in-house story properties and connecting OneDoor Studios with its various production partners, which include his and OneDoor’s global community of film industry professionals.

• Along with continuing to develop industry partnerships, Jason leads OneDoor’s public development funding, bank production financing and expanding the partners’ overall vision of becoming a mini-studio.
• In 2009 Jason moved his family to China to teach an international school, instructing some of China’s top international students from over 20 countries in history, government, philosophy, and film-making.
• While in China he continued to mine many cultures for rich stories worthy to be developed into successful global motion pictures and series.

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Chief Marketing Officer

Emmy Award winning producer for prime time TV and founder of a leading ad agency for feature films and retail marketing, Daniel has developed and managed $500 million in advertising over 30 years – growing countless businesses and entertainment properties by billions of dollars.

Calculated Sequels: Our Team
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Calculated Sequels: Image


Josephine Rivers is a calculating prodigy with a nearly supernatural ability to look at the world through a purely mathematical lens, even at times predicting the future. After a betrayal by her own family when she’s only 15, she’s kidnapped and taken to China by the sinister Maxima, known as “Madame,” who forces her to use her gift to increase her fortune.

This marks the beginning of our hero’s arduous journey, which sees her moved around Shanghai’s criminal underground as others exploit her gift. Her only close company is older captive Hong Rui, nicknamed “Red,” whose wisdom and support change how she views her own power and teaches her what she needs to survive. Now she’s 17 and working for a wealthy man whose captivating son Kai starts to chip away at her emotional defenses.

She has the fate of the world in her hands, thanks to her unique gifts, but she also craves vengeance against those who’ve wronged her. Can she save the world from a financial collapse and also bring her enemies down? And can she trust Kai enough to let him into

her heart?

“An intense and wonderfully complex thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat and turning pages!”

—Jessica Day George
NYT bestselling author of SILVER IN THE BLOOD and the TWELVE DANCING PRINCESSES series

“Calculated is smart with plenty of page-turning action and a brave heroine who is deeply relatable. The timely subject matter is heart-wrenching even as it inspires us to use our gifts to make a difference in the world. Twisty and original, this story will keep
readers guessing and hoping to its pulse-pounding end!”

—Lorie Langdon

best-selling author of DOON and


Calculated Sequels: Testimonials


Jo Rivers, safely back in Seattle, asks the same question daily – how does a math genius go from taking down international criminals and saving the world economy to living a normal teenage life? The only answer she can come up with is—she doesn’t.
With an overprotective father on her back and Kai on the other side of the world, Jo accepts an offer from Prodigy Stealth Solutions (PSS,) who may have found a way to get her gift back. Using a newly developed technology, PSS tries a simulation process on Jo to restore her abilities, but during the attempt, PSS is hacked and a blacklist file containing some of PSS’s most sensitive secrets is stolen. Meanwhile, a mysterious caller who knows more than he should delivers a warning to Jo about Kai, who then goes missing.
Despite her father’s concerns, Jo sets off on a risky trip to Tunisia with a PSS team of teen prodigies to find an urgently needed solution for PSS and locate Kai. All the while, Jo has to trust the mysterious informant who, frighteningly, is like no one she has ever met before.

“You know how you always have suspicions with sequels? Well, don't fret. Because somehow, Simulated was better than Calculated. I know! Who thought that could be possible? The suspense, plot twists, and action in this book will not leave you disappointed...only wanting more!”

—Drew Taylor, Writer. Reader. Reviewer.

"All of the Mission Impossible action you could hope for, paired with a love triangle that rivals the intensity of Twilight's. Be prepared to choose sides and hold on tight. You're in for one wild
ride." —Chelsea Bobulski, author of The Wood and Remember Me
“Brilliantly crafted, this technological thriller delivers punch after punch of heart-pounding action. The fearless heroine and two equally intriguing love interests had me flying through the pages. I’m in love with this series!”

—Lorie Langdon, best-selling author of the Disney Villains Happily Never After Series

Calculated Sequels: Testimonials


After her exploits in Tunisia, Jo Rivers knows she’ll never lead a normal life. She also can’t move on until she grasps the unexpected evolution of her mathematical gift and confronts her unresolved feelings after meeting Noble. With Kai undercover, Noble is the only one who has the answers Jo needs. There’s just one small problem: Noble has vanished, leaving only a coded message in the stars. When Rafael, a friend from Jo’s days in China, goes missing, it coincides with a new PSS assignment involving a potentially catastrophic satellite breakdown. Jo suspects something more sinister is at play and has no choice but to track down Noble, who may be her only hope to find Rafael and prevent global chaos. Traveling to the perilous Arctic of Finland, Jo and her band of prodigies team up with unlikely allies from her past to find out what or who is interfering with the satellites— before it’s too late. Trusting her gift, Jo follows a path of numbers that light the way…which leads to answers she didn't predict.

"Where do I start.. I literally could not put this book down. My kids and I have been reading this as our family read a loud and they're begging me to just finish the book tonight. This book keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. It is Mission Impossible meets, Hunger Games, meets the Godfather. So good we laughed and almost cried and definitely each of us has yelled out loud at the fictional characters who don't feel fictional at all. Gosh everyone needs to read this series."

—Brooke, Goodreads reviewer

"Throughout this series, I have been impressed by McBee’s storytelling, particularly in her ability to raise emotional and physical stakes in each installment. Each book stands alone in terms of stellar plotting, while also building a series arc - another rare feat of storytelling. And I can’t say much for fear or spoiling the outstanding ending, but I can say this: I am dying to hear there are more installments planned in this series!"

—Netgalley Review

Calculated Sequels: Testimonials






Calculated Sequels: List


This is an invitation for more. God is inviting you into an opportunity to impact the Kingdom. We need the financial resources to meet the needs that are before us and to impact souls around the world. We appreciate your support for our Calculated Sequels projects!

Calculated Sequels: Mission
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